Sunday, March 25, 2007

My lack of blogs...

I've become a reallly, baad blogger recently:(. I think it has to do with my new phase, sigh... going through one of those screwed up teenage phases. Haven't been feeling very social of late and experiencing CSPMS (constant state of PMS). I'm always in a bad mood and I've bin crapping on everyone lately...
Just feel like I've reached this cul de sac and I don't know where to go from here.. I'm bored dead with everything...
My life is as close to perfect as it ever could be, I have everything I need and want and sure I may not be exactly who I want to be but I'm getting there. I'm surrounded by great people, okay crappy society but survivable. I'm doing everything I want to do. Perfect.
Yet I feel so empty, so purposeless, so unfulfilled. So I've just taken to sleeping alot lately, better to be unconcious then awake with my depressing thoughts.Explains my lack 0f posts...

Anyhows... I've decided the depressions bin going on too long and I'm looking forward to better days...

Friday, March 9, 2007

So it happened.

On Wednesday morning we became just another South African statistic. Four armed men jumped into my backyard, beat the gardener up with a hammer and gained entrance through the kitchen window. Mom was walking down the passage when she spotted the bastard and instead of fleeing in the opposite direction she demanded to know "WHAT he was doing In her house" (She didnt realise we were being robbed at first).. lol, my mom:)
So they throttled her and they hada bit of a scuffle. After realising he was hmm about 5times stronger than her she told them that we don't have a safe but she'd give em what we got... He momentarily released her and she took a chance and ran as fast as her legs could carry her to her bedroom andlocked the door, phoned out for help. They attempted to break the door (gota beeg hole now) but were disturbed by the next door neighbours panic alarm. Good ole gardener (his name is Moosa and his Malawaian) managed to regain conciousness and went over to the neighbours to sound the alarm. Cops came, ADT came, Coin came... Skebengo's fled. (messed up two rooms but all they got was a cellphone)

Mom had a flight to the USA to catch that very afternoon (she's gone to visit her sister for two weeks) and thankfully she managed to recover in time to leave. BUT OMG... since our lil Westville community is 'oh so tight nit', we've had 3million visitors and the phones wont stop ringing. My family has started taking turns to play 'tape recorder' to the symaphizers. Still havent figured out whether people are genuinely concerned or whether they're just inquistive. EVeryONE has heard about this... besides our comunity, we've had calls from newcastle,glencoe,Jhb,Cape Town and Australia... Don't even Know some of these people. On the bright side people are under the impression that we're terribly traumatised and won;t stop sending food. It hepls since we are currently motherless.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Random thoughts on... Suspect Mxit invites

teeee heeee.... I've really been amusing myself these past couple of the days on mxit. There is nothing more I hate than these random mxit invites that I get popping up on my phone every one or two weeks from arb-ified people that I have never met before and have no intention of ever meeting. It just irks me. Bored people who get hold of my no. from only gods knows where and do not affect my life in any which way. In any case I don't end up deleting these pathetic lil lamers as my mxit freezes everytime I try to delete anyone. They just sorta of exist on my mxit as offline contacts forever and ever and when I'm desperately bored and they initiate a conversation, I verbally abuse or dis them just for the heck of it... I can be quite a bitch. But really what do they expect with their 'do you hava bf' or 'u seem sweet'...disgracefully untactful attempts at making conversation.

I've now resorted with coming up with the most outlandish, far fetched lies and I'm having fun creating 'characters' to literally scare these idiots away

Looser: so are you at school or uni
Me: umm, neither I'm enrolled in an aalima's course
Looser: really?thats nice, not many girls do that these days
Me:Yes, my father believes that a womens place is at home, I don't believe education is nesecarry for women, I wanna stay home and look after my husband
Looser: I suppose, if you think so:)(WHAT AN IDIOT) but if you don't go out why were you at pavillion the other day?
me: I was NOT at pavilllion. Market places are platforms for ZINAH
Looser: you are nabila, right?
Me: Yes, of course I am.. but maybe u've confused me with someone else
Looser: ummmm (very confused) so what ya wanna do after your aalima course
Me: Oh, I'm engaged to a moulana in Potchefstroom

Or another one I tried out...

Looser2: So wat you up to?
Me: on the phone with my girlfriend
Looser2: Oh thats kewl, girls spend so much of time on the phone with their pals hey
Me: Oh, she's not my pal, she's my lover
Me: didnt you know? I'm a lesbian.. into other girls...
Me: you didnt think....
Me: you didnt think I was straight did you?


Saturday, March 3, 2007

Random thoughts on.... being an sherwood wannabe

I've come to the conclusion that theres alot I could say on this blog that I dont manage to post. When I make the concious desicion to sit down and blog my 'random thoughts' nothing comes to me. I always think of something I want to blog about when I'm a)about to go to sleep b)in the shower and c)when I'm in Physics... sigh...sigh... Oh well here go's, I've a new resolution to become a faithful, Regular blogger..

Back to being a 'sherwood wannabe'... strange thing to fess up to but really I am a SHERWOOD WANNABE. I've spent my entire 16/17 years in a surburb called Westville. (lol I'm sure you're all familiar with it). Westville- the small hole in a random corner of the earth. Don't get me wrong as much as I enjoy dissing the place, I love my home and my pretty,quaint avenue with the jacaranda trees and all the pwidi flowers.. That aside I've figured it's the peeps that have driven me to become an Sherwood wannabe.

Frankly I do and have always found people here too stuck-up.Someone needs to gently yank the sticks out of their asses. Westville people at large are about MONEY. Who has the latest BM or porsche, who's redocarated their house for the 3rd time that year and basically who's rolling in the macha. I wouldnt say that I live in the stereotypical society that breeds men who roll in the dough while little wyfie sits at home knitting and preparing the chow but something close to that... it's unheard of to let the 'son' lift a spoon and too many girls go to uni just waiting for prince charming to arrive and propose lol (im totally blogging about marriage next). Many are educated and smart but their ultimate objectives in life are totally screwed up. Yea so neway I kinda figured I didnt totally fit in with the whole little 'scene' when I was enrolled at Al-Noor (local westville preschool)at like age 3 and I howled every day until mom moved me to a white playschool. My reason 'All they do is play with blocks!" So basically I just find almost everyone around uninteresuting, shallow,superficial and OH SO SUBSTANCELESS!! To me it appears to be a whole lotta people trying to impress one another and gain some kind of acceptance and approval by means of wealth/materialism,looks/beauty and most recently 'piety'. Competition, malice and yawn yawn it makes me bored

I've grown up realising I want more that this for my life because I am so much more than dumb chatter about the lastest 'to die for accesories' and the hottest clothes and shoes. Seriously you go to any social gathering and you can predict what the conversations gonna be... the favourites amongst the men, 'the best businness class lounge in the world' and 'expanding the business'. I am all about crazy, out of the box, random, let loose , dream,discover,learn and live. Id like to think I'm a non-conformist, I really dont give a shit about societys approval and over time in reaction to this 'social accepatance syndrome thang we got going down here, I try and get people to disapprove of me. This is always entertaining and the more they disaprove and get the wrong idea about me the more in control I feel.

Back to the sherwood thing... the wannabe ness extends itself to any place away from the narrow confines of this little suburb (umhlanga and berea excluded... usually such *yawn* candidates, really not interested in your new prada purse)where different,crazy peoples reside!! Just find people I meet from out my lil area a lil more chilled out, relaxed and not-so-stuffy and I totally dig the vibe.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Random thoughtss.....on Leadership

Apologies for the lack of posts... my asdl was down, that bloomin storm messed it up

hmm so Random thoughts on Leadership(Im not gonna elaborate on that for those of you who don't know what it is). Leadership began again, new 'facilitator', new faces yet I've come to realise in the year that I bin around that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Almost can't believe it's bin a year since I tottered in with a cloak,heels,eyeshadow and a HANDBAG!! I'm proud to report alots changed since then, I walked out at the end of the year with an oversized 'believer' t-shirt and the dirtiest old pumps you have ever seen. If someone had to make me complete the sentence... "I went to leadership and....' I'd have to end it with .... met the maddest, strangest people EVER! Don't think such nuts exist anywhere else and even so I highly doubt they have a monthly meeting. I'ts truly a mish mash of arbos...

As I said some things will never change..

  • Tazkia will probably always with us 'lil' people, escaping to Halqa every so often
  • Safiyyah will always turn up with the serious look on her face and the infamous waterbottle (cos 'she dont drink fizzys' u no)
  • Tasy will more often than not turn up late and adds her two cents (doesnt make much sense) after everything the speakers
  • AQ will always be the only guy who 'contributes' to the session
  • The girls will always outnumber the guys ( most of them look abit terrified and nerdy, regulars excluded)

I'll continue this list some other time... Im bored...;( At least I did halfa post

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Tazzle WAzzle

A special dedication, in memory of my partner in crime who was lost on February 13th 2007 to the Engineering faculty of UKZN. A great loss to woman and mankind.

Hey my pal Tazkee

who makes oh so much masti,

You make me sad, exchanging th weird

To become a silly old fullgrown nerd,

Don leme down and bcum a physics geek

We have lotsa projects to complete,

Think about all the times we've gne mads

Laughed like nuts and scared the lads,

Started the wave and got engaged

Run round the stadium(bazaar) and messes made,

Had sehri and felt so sick

Played 30secs and watched the clock tick,

On the waterslides we've made trains

Nobody questions that we're insane!

Hysteria,laughter,madness and food(BP)

To become normal again you'll make me brood

Not to mention put yourself in a very foul mood!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

TO ALL those who read my blog

LEAVE a comment, peepz... or don't bother reading at all... I feel like I'm talking2meself;(